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Drop-In Facilitator

I started working at OSARCC in June 2021 as the Drop-In Group Facilitator. This means that I organise both online and face-to-face drop-in groups which are open to people on the waiting list, as well as people who are already working with OSARCC in other services. You don’t have to have attended the drop-in before and you don’t need to commit to every session – you’re welcome to come along when it works for you, and participate as much or as little as you want to. As well as running the drop-in, I also send out OSARCC’s monthly newsletter, ’the Buzz,’ so you might receive emails from me occasionally!

Before I joined OSARCC I worked with domestic violence and gender-based violence services in London, including on a helpline and in community settings, and with people with disabilities. In my work I try always to embody my professional values and beliefs that gender-based violence is a societal issue that is rooted in patriarchy, and that survivors are capable, courageous experts on their own lives and situations. Outside of work I work with groups challenging structural barriers to women’s safety, such as the hostile environment policies that actively endanger marginalised people in the UK. I have loved joining the supportive and warm team of women here at OSARCC and working with the incredible survivors that use our services.

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