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Oxford University ISVA

I am really pleased to start work with OSARCC in September 2023 as the Oxford University Independent Sexual Violence Advisor.  I have recently been studying a Master of Laws at the University of York in which I specialised in the legal situation concerning sexual violence in the U.K and how gender bias and stereotyping contribute to higher rates of gender-based violence. I have a varied intercultural background in feminist activism due to living in Chile, Colombia and India. This has included taking part in direct action and being involved in a more organisational role.

I am really passionate about ensuring that procedures which have typically been alienating and daunting are made more accessible and inclusive for survivors. I am not here to speak for or over survivors, but instead to support them in advocating for themselves in a way that will help them build a support network and start a journey to recovery which is suitable for their needs. I will listen without judgement and will not push anyone down a certain path – I recognise that every survivor has different needs according to how they envision the healing process and what they require from the current situation.

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