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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

My OSARCC journey began as a Helpline Volunteer and then, as I left Oxford, I became a Line Buddy.  Volunteering with OSARCC was transformative for me; not only did the incredible training impact positively on many areas of my professional life, but it also helped give me the knowledge and courage to deal with my own personal experience of sexual violence.

In October 2022 I started as CEO and feel honoured to be working alongside the amazing women that make OSARCC happen.

My professional background is in fundraising, and I spent ten years working for the University of Oxford, and nearly four working for the University of Manchester after that.  I’m very excited about bringing that experience in to OSARCC, so that we can raise as much money as possible to continue changing lives and supporting survivors. 

Having my daughter made me re-evaluate what’s really important in life, and working towards a future where women and girls are free from sexual violence is imperative.  Until that happens, the services OSARCC provides for survivors are invaluable and amazing, and I intend to do everything I can to ensure we’re here for anyone that needs us. 

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