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Who we are

OSARCC was founded in 1979 as a collective of women, all volunteers, working to support women who had experienced rape and sexual abuse. Since 2009, OSARCC has been a charity with a board of trustees, paid employees and volunteers, all working together to support survivors across Oxfordshire.

We mostly provide support to self-identifying women and non-binary individuals recorded female at birth, but our Advocacy service is open to survivors of all genders and we’re working on expanding some of our other services. Please click here for more information.

OSARCC is an inclusive organisation which actively challenges discrimination in all its forms, including but not limited to discrimination based on sex, gender identity, race, religion, sexual or romantic orientation, disability, age, and class. We welcome contact from survivors from all walks of life, including people who sell sex and trans gender or non-binary people.

At OSARCC, we know that all survivors are different and therefore aim to provide a range of support services to suit each individual, including telephone, text and email support, face-to-face counselling, support groups, psychoeducation sessions (both one-to-one and in a small group), drop-in group and advocacy.

We also recognise that supporting a survivor can feel isolating, so our phone, text and email support services are also open to supporters of survivors of all genders – whether they are professionals, parents, partners, or friends.

We are members of Rape Crisis (England and Wales) and The Survivors Trust, and work in line with the Rape Crisis National Service Standards which ensure our work is of a high quality.


To support survivors of sexual violence, promote and advocate for their needs and work towards the elimination of sexual violence.

We aim to do this by:

  1. Providing a diverse range of effective services that meet the needs of survivors in Oxfordshire who are affected by sexual violence.
  2. Raising awareness of the prevalence and impact of sexual violence and the need for specialist services to support survivors.
  3. Challenging and changing public attitudes about sexual violence in Oxfordshire and beyond.

“OSARCC is truly a safe space. It’s been an important part of my journey on the road to recovery… I feel like a part of me has started to heal and I’m starting to feel like myself again. Thank you.”

Our values


We do not try to influence survivors to take any particular action, nor do we try to impose our views on their decisions. We help survivors to explore their options, in a way that does not pressure them to choose any specific path.


We do not judge the survivors who use our service or other OSARCC members, but we do not permit abuse of others and will challenge discrimination.


We aim to empower survivors to make their own decisions and to support them in whatever way they need.


Whatever a survivor says is confidential to the organisation within the limits of our safeguarding policies.


We provide a service free of charge in order to be accessible to all survivors.

Challenging discrimination

We are a non-directive and non-judgmental organisation, but we will challenge discrimination in any form.

Committed to good practice

We work hard to ensure our services are consistently offering high-quality support. We welcome feedback from the survivors we support to ensure we are able to continue to develop our services. Please see the feedback page for more details.

Led by women

OSARCC believes that sexual violence is both a cause and consequence of women’s inequality and discrimination. We are therefore committed to challenging such discrimination in our work, running our services for survivors by women, delivering our services in a safe, women-only space, and working within an empowerment approach.


We believe what survivors tell us. Furthermore, we firmly believe that rape is never the fault of the survivor and we actively seek to challenge this myth.

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