Celebrating a new therapeutic partnership with Aspire Oxfordshire

Celebrating a new therapeutic partnership with Aspire Oxfordshire

The ‘Amber Kintsugi programme’ is by far the most empowering program I have ever had the privilege to attend. I will never fully heal but now I’m stronger and I know myself. Today I can love me. To say this was life chang[ing] would be an understatement.

We’ve been so thrilled to work with Aspire Oxfordshire on a pilot programme providing therapeutic group work to women who have experienced sexual violence and are at risk of homelessness.

The clinical outcomes of the participants showed dramatic improvement. By the end of the programme, two women’s levels of psychological distress had reduced from moderate to non-clinical, and one woman’s level of psychological distress had reduced from severe to mild. Read the full report of the pilot.

At OSARCC, we recognise that seldom-reached communities encounter additional barriers to accessing services for sexual harm and abuse. Survivors often do not feel able to explore the sexual harm they have experienced in a safe environment, and their responses to trauma lead to them being further labelled and stigmatized. Women are often labelled “complex” or “hard to engage”.

In particular, those who are impacted by sexual violence, and who become vulnerably-housed, experience significant barriers to accessing services.

The group was run by Naseem Sarbatta-Walia and Yasmeen Arif, who devised a 9-week programme with the knowledge that trauma, frequently related to sexual harm, is the root cause to behaviours and holds complex links between individuals who find themselves homeless.

Thank you to all the women who took part in the group, and to the team at Aspire for being open to this innovative partnership.


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